first-stronghold-logo-colorWith all the scores from events this weekend  in and tallied, we are ranked 37th out of 411 teams in the Michigan FRC District. We received official word last evening that, as a result of our standing,  we are invited to participate in the state championship event.  After due consideration and analysis, we have decided to graciously accept this invitation. (For those not in the know, that’s the FRC way unless you do it Kai’s way and just say “yes.”)  You can join us in Grand Rapids next Thursday through Saturday and help cheer us on as BICS sends its first-ever robotics team to a first ever team sport state championship event.  Information on the schedule, hotels and more is all right here.  You can also support the team and STEM at BICS by coming on board as a sponsor and/or buying one of our team t-shirts on the e-commerce site our team built.