There are many benefits when competing in FRC competitions. One benefit is amazing college scholarship; There are about 200 scholarships provided from colleges, businesses, and universities. On top of that there is $30 million in available scholarships. You must be a junior or senior to apply and get seen by colleges in FRC competition. To apply is very hard but once you get through the process it’s easy to get if you work very hard and show many characteristics. It’s also easy if you are showing how good you are with deadlines plus your robot is working very well with very thought out characteristics. FRC scholarships are very important because they get you very far in many careers. Its also very important because many people who work very hard in FRC can make a huge difference in the world but can’t go to a good college for it. I asked one of our seniors Simeon Richards and he said“They’re really good for saving a lot of money and they’re looking for anybody who been in first because they’re good at reaching deadline.” A scholarship from competing in first are a huge benefit to a lot of people, and it helps get a lot of jobs one big example is engineering. With our Technologies going up and our jobs going down this is the best way to graduate college and get a good job. There are also many businesses that can be created when graduating from college in robotics. It’s amazing what you can do when you get a college scholarship for being in FRC.