The team is back from Grand Rapids after three days of intense competition.  With the help of great alliance members and our mentor FRC teams–we did well.  Indeed, well enough to qualify to attend the FRC Championship in St. Louis, Missouri.  Our final record at the event was 6-6-0 with  a ranking of 57 out of 102 teams.  Not our strongest performance of the season–but again good enough when combined with our performance at Standish (where we were the first pick of the third seeded alliance) and at Marysville (where we were the 3rd ranked team coming out of the qualification matches) to get us a seat at the Championship table.  We put a lot of hard work into getting where we’ve landed, but there is no doubt we wouldn’t be where we are without the help of many –and some good old Irish luck.  (Thank goodness we live on America’s Emerald Isle!)

You can learn more about our plans to attend the FRC Championship event here. You can support our team here and by shopping at the bIrobot Shop.