Join us at the 2019 Crock Pot Chili Cook-off and Alumni Basketball Games as we reveal the bIrobot 2019 Destination: Deep Space robot. In addition to great food, great company and great basketball (with the BIOCS Cheer Squad), you can get a peak at our 2019 robot.  Meet Chaz and all his systems: the Primus Excursion Module (PEM) drive platform, the Hatch Acquisition Module (HAM), the Hatch Delivery Module (HDM) and the Hatch Docking System (HDS). Learn about the Destination Deep Space game. See Chaz drive with the PEM mecanum drive system and pick up hatches from the floor with the HAM.

(BTW, if you are wondering about all the “modules,” in the spirit of the Apollo mission that all of this year’s FIRST programs celebrate, we’ve tried to follow the NASA naming system used for that mission (where the space craft that went to the moon had a Command Module (CM), a Lunar Excursion Module (LEM)  and a Service Module (SM) among other things.)