Hello bIrobot enthusiasts,

Today we started off by running our robot around the gym. We all had fun taking turns to practice driving it and even hooked up a small camera, to see everything from the robots view. Until we noticed, after a sudden stop, there was a clunking noise in one of the gearboxes, it sounded like something was rolling around inside. Not a sound that is incredibly reassuring. So we took off the plywood, undid all the screws on the one side, and took it apart until we could get to the gearbox. When it was all apart we opened the gearbox and everything looked normal so we redid the gearbox, added some more red grease, and put it all back together. Once it was all put back together we ran it and the clunking noise was gone, so we are just puzzled on that. Anyways until next time!

bIrobot Team Member Erin