Fund Raising
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FRC stands for First Robotics Competition. FRC is a competition where students are able push their minds to the limit by building robots under strict rules, limited resources, and a six-week time limit. Students are challenged to raise funds and create team brand. The competition will challenge the student’s teamwork skill, resource management, and creativity. Students will have to build an industrial-sized robots and compete in a challenging game with other students. Volunteer mentors will lend their hands in helping guide each team along the competition.
FRC is right around the corner and now we need your help. BI Robot is raising funds to compete in the First Robotics Competition. We are raising funds to pay for the fees of joining the robotics competition, to buy parts for creating and making our robot, transportation, the cost of food, the cost of the hotel we’re staying at during the competition. The transportation would include the plane ride on and off the island, the cost of gas, the cost of renting cars to transport the team, the robot, and its part. The fees for each team entering the FRC is rather costly ranging from $4000 to $6000. Our school does provide some funds, however it is not enough to pay for all the things shown above.
We are asking businesses to sponsor us and help us launch off for FRC. We’re asking businesses that had sponsored us last year to help us again this year. We will send brochures to all the businesses that are interested and ask them for a gracious donation towards our robotics team.
If you sponsor us you’ll be able to gain a number of benefits. Depending on the amount that you sponsor us with you’ll be able to get different benefits. If you sponsor us with (X AMOUNT OF DOLLARS), you’ll be able to have your logo on our t-shirts and depending on the amount that you sponsors us with you’ll be able to have logos of different sizes. You’ll also be able to have your stickers on our robot. What benefits will will you be able to gain from sponsoring us? You’ll be able to increase your brand’s awareness and you’ll be able I to get more business. If you put your logos on our t-shirts and robot we’ll be able to spread awareness of your brand at the FRC event. Last year the BI robots team made it to the FRC’s World Championship. Which meant that they made it through regionals and nationals. Imagine your brand being getting attention from people all over Michigan, the United States, and even the world.