Join the BICS FRC robotics team bIrobot in an afternoon of fun as we explore both the Apollo space program that lead to the first human footprints on the moon and this year’s FRC competition Destination: Deep Space that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first landing of humans on the moon. We’ll start with a presentation of Apollo’s Daring Mission, a NOVA episode that explores the challenges, set-backs and triumphs of man’s first orbit of the moon on Apollo 8, where many of the technologies necessary for the moon landing were proven. Then, we’ll present live video from the first weekend of FRC Destination: Deep Space competitions from around Michigan and the world. The bIrobot team will be watching tp prepare for their first competition event on March 14-16, but they’ll also be available to answer questions and explain the game. At 7PM the team will reveal their 2019 robot that will compete at the FIRST FRC Michigan District Events in Muskegon and Sault Ste. Marie followed at 7:10 by a presentation of First Man, the story of Apollo 11 mission commander Neil Armstrong–the first human to walk on the surface of another celestial body.