[image: Inline image 1] The bIrobot is bagged and tagged, and build season has come to an end. We have made it through another build season and have learned more lessons of what do to again next season and what doesn’t work. We learned that we need to make a timeline of what should roughly be happening during each week of build season because during the last few days of build season we were very crunched for time and didn’t get as much time as we would have liked for testing and cushioning time to rebuild if necessary. This year we made the leap from designing our robot on paper to using the CAD program SolidWorks which was a big step up and improvement but as with most changes, there are always things you can improve upon next time. We spent more time than we would have liked designing due to the lack of people that could use our designing program in a proficient and speedy way so it took more time than we anticipated. Next year we need to improve upon having more people who can use the program so that we can get to building very quickly and open up the time we were crunched for. Another thing that we could improve upon is making sure that everyone has something to do at all times to eliminate the possibility of wasting precious time not knowing what to do or work on. Which was an adjustment we didn’t think of with our growing team and more members. Overall though we made a great robot and I can’t wait to start competing and see how our robot does.