Our 2018 robot is bagged and tagged and build season has ended. However, FRC buzz on Beaver Island is far from gone for team bIrobot. We are currently working on preparing for our first competition which is March 22nd to the 24th at Grand Valley State University. We were able to demonstrate our robot to our community in a robot display this past weekend to show everyone what we have been up to since January sixth. It was a great experience to be able to show everyone what we have created and show off the fancy field elements the younger members of our team, with the help of mentors, created this year.

To prepare for our competition we have been working on many things. The first is fundraising, our fundraising team has been doing an incredible job of acquiring us sponsors for the season. We are happy to have so many people interested in making it possible for our team to compete. The next thing that we are working hard on is programming. Kai, our programmer, has been putting in lots of time to make the code better and adding elements to the program that we want our robot to be able to do. Members of our team also got together and created a practice chassis so that we can use it to test code and practice driving. This is going to be especially helpful because we have a new kind of drive train this year that we have never used, four pneumatic wheels in the back and two omni-directional wheels in the front. We also have new drive team drivers so building a practice chassis gives them the opportunity for more practice. Additionally, we are working on creating a new robot cart and pit elements. Scouting, safety, and uniforms are three more things that we are working on getting ready for our first competition. Lastly, living on an island in the middle of Lake Michigan means that our robot and our team must fly to all of our competitions. As a result, we are working on designing and creating crates to put the different pieces of our robot in to protect it during flight.

As you can see, we are a dozen of busy people here on the bIrobot team. However, part of FRC is that there is always so much to do and I love it. I am so grateful for the amazing opportunity of being part of something so incredible.