Our team kick-off event starts at 11:30 on Saturday.  After the FIRST broadcast we will work to get a quick start on our design for the 2022 bIrobot machine.

  1. Analyze the rules to determine key performance requirements.
    • How are points scored?
    • What opportunities give the most bang for the effort?
  2. Analyze the rules to set performance design priorities.
    • Are there any scoring opportunities that present an outsized challenge for the reward?
    • How do points tally up to advance to event finals?
    • How complex are the mechanisms necessary to score in various activities?
    • Is there an advantage to being the master of one or two capabilities?
  3. Do a quick set of rough designs (including frame limits).
    • White board to start, but paper or Fusion 360 as a target
    • Be willing to consider alternatives
    • Walk away with a preliminary design and major parts list
  4. Pizza at the Community Center.
    • Analyze what extras to order (what do we like)? React rapidly.
    • Order.
    • Eat.

We hope you will be able to join us in person or by Zoom (including for our post broadcast design session).  If you attend in person, we will be in the Robotics Lab just off the high school commons.  Please remember that you are required to wear a mask while in the school building. If you would like to attend by Zoom, please contact us at this email for that information.

We are looking forward to Kick-off and a great 2022 FRC Robotics Season.