Our robot is on it’s way. We have just finished build season, and our first competition is March 22nd. Our robot is equipped to suck in power cubes also known as milk crates. It can take the power cubes and raise them high, so we can put them on a switch or scale. The longer our alliance keeps possession of a switch or scale, the more points we get (one point per second). We can also climb which is pretty good because it is 30 points per climb and if all robots climb it is a ranking point. The bar in which the robot climbs on is only a foot long so it can not hold three robots; however, we have a unique side climb at which our robot can climb on the side and leave room for a robot in the front. How will the third robot climb? There is a special bonus if you put three power cubes in a slot, then push a button at the end of a match so you get a free levitation. Nonetheless, we are working hard to be ready for our first competition and hope we go far.