The 2018 season is here!  bIrobot FRC Team 6098 gathered in their lair to watch the kick-off broadcast and, immediately after, we began work on our 2018 robot.  It has to pick up milk crate sized cubes, place them on balances (over six feet in the air) and through a hole in the field wall just a bit bigger than the crate.  And reach up 8 feet in the air to climb off the ground.  And do some of this autonomously. No problem!

We hope everyone got lots of sleep over the holidays, because there’ll be no rest for the next six weeks.  You can follow our progress here, of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  If you can, we hope you’ll help support us by coming to one of our competitions to cheer us on (dates, times and places are in our calendar) and/or by joining our team as a sponsor (info here).