bIrobot Logo for T-shirt (Orange QR)bIrobot qrcode (http_birobot.org_2016qrcode)We’re sure you’re wondering about our logo.  You may wonder about the number in the version we use for our team shirts.  In FRC-land you live by your team number, so it is included.  While our nickname is bIrobot, we’ll be known in the FRC world as Team 6098.  So, that’s why the number.  (If you are wondering what’s behind our nickname, have a look at this post.) We wanted our logo to look “robotty,” so we looked at fonts used in movies that included robots.  Wall-E was on the list, so we picked a base font that looked Wall-E-ish.  The “I” didn’t look good, though, and we wanted to emphasize the I Robot element of our name, so we used a Battle Star Gallactica I for that.  (“Gallatica Actual, over.”)  And, we couldn’t leave Star Trek out.  So our team number is in a font used for the registration number of the Enterprise.  Finally, Erin’s mom thought we should have a code of some sort in our logo, so we included a QR code.  If you scan it on our shirts, it might take you someplace interesting on the web.  Font Fun 2