Date February 10, 2017
[tree-snow-fog-prairie-dog-800.jpg] Living on an island has its moments. Most of them are glorious, but sometimes not so much especially when you are trying to build an FRC robot in the middle of a northern Michigan winter. Our island home is reachable only by plane from the week before Christmas until the ice clears from the harbor, usually in late March or early April. That means everything coming to and going from the island has to be flown across on one of the two small airlines that server the island — including all of our robot parts. So, things ordered for next day delivery typically arrive in two days. Unless, that is, weather intervenes, which it frequently does. Lake effect snow stops the flying on our side and even more often in Charlevoix, where we connect with the mainland.
This year, though, the bigger problem has been fog. Flights were fogged out either on the island or Charlevoix side for about 10 days in a row with only a few flights making it across during that period. It happened smack in the middle of build season just after we ordered the bulk of our parts. So, rather than build, we worked on refining our designs…which changed some of our part requirements. Oops. More orders. But, everything has now arrived and we are more than a week into actually building our robot. We’ll get it done just in time, which is just the way things work on an island.