In cooperation with the Michigan Cyber Patriot Program, bIrobot and BICS are thrilled to be able to offer a cyber security camp this summer.  The course will be taught by cyber security expert and long0time Cyber Patriot coach (and Island summer resident) Chris Sorensen with assistance from bIrobot lead mentor and BICS volunteer Programming & Robotics Class teacher Kevin Boyle.  Cyber Campers will learn important skills in cyber safety and cybersecurity. The camp will meet for five sessions from 9 to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday, with Friday being the mini-Competition day. After the competition, in accord with bIrobot tradition, we’ll have a pizza lunch either at school or the Shamrock.  The camp will be offered in tandem with a virtual camp being offered to students across the state, so attendees will have the opportunity to interact with students on the mainland as well as each other.

No prior experience is required, nor is it necessary to be enrolled at BICS to attend.  Summer residents are welcome! ​​BICS students interested in joining the bIrobot team this fall are encourage to attend as we plan to add participation in the Cyber Patriot program to our continued participation in FIRST’s First Robotics Competition.

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Note: The above button will take you to sign-up for the virtual program, but you will be able to participate in person on Beaver Island.  Camp will be in the bIrobot robotics lab at BICS.