Author: Cameron Bartlett

bIrobot Team Update

The bIrobort team has been working hard for the past 4 weeks in the shop adding new features to our robot, which we have named Chaise. So, for we have added a device to gather fuel balls from the field and to shoot them into the high goal. The intake system is made from brushes in the front of the robot. It took some time to figure it out, but it is worth it because it picks up the balls fast and smoothly, which is good once the competition starts. The shooter is another key component in this year’s competition. On Chaise, it’s right behind the intake system. We must shoot a ball about 10 feet into the air and make it arc over into a basket. This is one of the ways we can score points. One great thing about this year’s robot is the mecanum wheels, which are wheels that let us move forward, backwards, and side to side. This should give us an advantage to move thoughout the playing field. We only have less than 1 week left and there is still a lot to do on the robot. It’s crunch time for the bIrobot team. You can read more about the 2017 FRC game here and learn more about mecanum wheels here...

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CAD In Robotics

CAD is a computer aided design program that was made for engineers, drafters, and others to create precision drawings or technical illusions. CAD can be used to create 2-D drawings and 3-D models. Last year the Beaver Island robotics team used paper to draw out their parts taking up more time then they needed to. This year the team is switching to the CAD program to help with the designs of the robot. Although it takes up time to learn the program to designing the robot after we learn the program, designing, and building the robot should go faster. A downfall of using CAD is that we must pay for it every year. Another downfall of using CAD is if it crashes and we forget to save and we lose everything we were working on. The upside to using CAD is the time we get save designing the robot so we are not rushing to build the robot at the last...

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