The Beaver Island robotics team BIRobot recently purchased and assembled a 3D printer with our leftover money we had from fundraising from the previous year. We bought it intending that we would use it for printing small parts for our robot, printing keychains and buttons for fundraising, and learning how to design in various CAD (Computer Assisted Design) programs. The 3D printer we bought was the Prusa i3 MK2S. This model cost about $600 unassembled and took about 10 hours to fully assemble. We learned how to use it shortly after and the first thing we printed was a small prusa name badge. This is ¾”x 3½”x⅛” and took about 30 minutes to print. We intend to buy more filament in our team colors so we can make little keychains and buttons we will be selling them on this website very soon. We also figured out that our 3D printer can print VERY detailed designs. This will help us with the small parts on our robot that will need to be very detailed. The first part we made was a part for our 3D printer because Mr. Boyle broke a part trying to make it fit on the bed of our 3D printer. Come see for yourself at the Beaver island Community School. Over all, i think it was worth it to buy a 3d printer.