Our launch panel shows all systems green. All stations report GO FLIGHT. Our roster is full. We are ready to launch for our Summer Robotics Camp adventure to Infinity’s Edge.  Here’s what camp will look like day by day:

  • On Monday we’ll cover some robotics and programming basics.  And we’ll build and program a robot together.
  • Tuesday, we’ll spend some more time learning about building and programming, but at the end of our camp time, the challenge for camp will be revealed and campers will have a quick design session to begin working on their plans to create a robot that will meet the challenge.
  • On Wednesday, campers will begin building their robots and start working on developing the programs that will control them.
  • On Thursday, building and programming will continue, but the pressure will be on to get things completed in time for stop build on Friday.  That’s just like it goes for FRC.
  • On Friday, teams will scramble to get things wrapped up for stop build at 12:30.  Then, we’ll celebrate with a pizza party while the administrative team sets up for the competition at 1:30.

All along the way we will practice the FIRST credos of gracious professionalism and coopertition.  That means we always help each other like we are teammates even if we are on opposing teams.  We share parts and ideas.  And snacks (which is a bIrobot team tradition).  We compete intensely, but fairly. And we have fun.

Our mission will begin at 8:30 a.m. on Monday with registration in the lobby of Beaver Island Community School.  We’ll need to confirm information about each camper (including whether a camper has special dietary restrictions and whether they will be picked up at the end of camp each day or can leave on their own).  We’ll also collect the $35 supplies fee for each student. Then, we’ll move to the bIrobot robotics Lab and get to work.

To keep up to date on our mission progress, check back here and watch our Facebook and Twitter feeds in the sidebar.  Or follow us on Facebook and Twitter directly.

We will see you on Monday at Infinity’s Edge!

(Yes, we realize there is no edge to infinity, but it is such a cool sounding name and it fits with this year’s Star Wars theme, so we went with it.)