FRC build season time is ticking and our robot is starting to come together. We have our frame successfully assembled, the mecanum drive working properly and all of our mechanisms mostly built. We have a unique intake system made up of three customized shop brushes which rotate on axles pulling the ball up and into a bin. We have tested our intake many times and it gives us incredible speeds which upon the first test delighted us all. The first time we tested the intake on our robot frame using a twelve volt battery it went at such a high-speed that you couldn’t see the brushes and the torque and speed caused a bolt to come flying off. Needless to say, we will need to tone it down in the program and have now only been testing it with a six-volt battery. The climber/winch system is in progress and waiting for the rest of the robot to be built so that we can test and make sure it’s going to bear the weight of the fully assembled robot. The shooter as proved itself as being a hard mechanism to puzzle through and fit in such a small contained space. While having to be able to do all the many things needed to successfully complete the challenge and solve all the common problems we have seen happening to other people’s robots. However, we made it through and are waiting for other pieces to be completed so that we can test it, adjust accordingly and rebuild. Overall been making great progress but there is still a lot to be done.