We got a got done this week (instead of just designing and planning). Among other things:


  • We designed a new electronics deck to fit with our 8 wheel drive chassis.  We had to cut the size by two thirds.  To make it fit we are using both sides of the deck and will have a kid plate to protect the bottom side.  We’ll put the motor controllers and power distribution box on the bottom as we don’t think we’ll need to get to them to often.  If we do, for bolts will give us access.
  • We finished programming (pretty much) for teleoperated mode.  We added a precision mode to our drive system and got controllers working for our two arm motors (including precision modes for them).  All that is left is to add a control for the trunk release solenoid we’re going to use for our boulder flicker.
  • We finished fabrication of our lacrosse style boulder grabber and tosser.  Mr. Anderson did a lot of work on this.
  • The parts for our 8 wheel drive chassis finally arrived.  We have gobs of 5×2 C-channel and 5×1 rectangle stock.  We bgean fabrication of the new chassis this weekend.  We got a lot done, but there is a lot to do.
  • Mr. Anderson welded the gears onto our wheel hubs.  It is nice to have that task out of the way.
  • We investigated using Simeon’s little brother Demetrius as our universal manipulation system.  However, we concluded that other teams would not buy our planned animatronics story for why our robot looked like it had a little boy riding around on top of it.  We are going to keep Demetrius’s snow hat that as a protective device for our throwing arm mock up (until he comes back to get it)