After watching other robots use pneumatics to pick up gears in the Steamworks game we decided we needed to figure that out, and our parade robot presented the perfect opportunity.  We used pneumatics to dispense water bottles from each side of our robot.  We also used a deer feeder/salt spreader/seed dispenser type mechanism to toss out candy to parade goers (which is a tradition for parades on Beaver Island).  Everything worked well (after we dialed back the speed on the candy dispenser from “crush” to “spread gently” and the power on the bottle dispenser from “we’re shooting for the moon” to “lob it out there”.  We also ran our 2016 robot (which was designed to crush defenses in FIRST Stronghold and is well suited to road use) and displayed our 2017 FIRST Steamworks robot (which had a Mecanum drive system that would not have done well on asphalt).  We had lots of fun and got invited to attend a parade on the mainland.