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Our Nickname

Here’s the story behind our nickname.  We wanted something that reflected our home on Beaver Island and the Irish heritage of the island (which is too long a story for here).  We played around with BICS Robots, then Beaver Island Robots and then initials.  That lead to BI Robots.  Thinking about Iscaac Asimov’s short stories under name I, Robot (and with a nod to Roomba maker iRobot), we finally came up with bIrobot....

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Rookie Build Event in Petoskey

What a trip.  We had trouble with the weather getting off the island.  For a bit, we thought we should try to leave Saturday afternoon because things were looking bad for Sunday morning (our planned travel time).  But, before we could get organized, the weather closed in and we had to wait until Sunday morning.  We managed to make it off, but the weather closed in right behind us and we had a blustery drive from Charlevoix to Petoskey. The build event was great fun.  We split into a software team and a hardware team to get going.  Here are some pictures of the the teams at work. In this one you can see every member of the team.  The fellow in the read shirt is from Petoskey (and he survived the event despite being in a red shirt), but skipping him from left to right are Gage, Mr. Boyle (sitting), Mr. Doig, Kai (with his back to the camera), Simeon, Jaret,  Mr. Robert and Erin.       Next is a shot of our partially assembled robot base.  You can see the wheel assembly for one side fully completed to the back and up front the other is under way.  We had stopped for lunch at this point. After lunch we completed the physical build and moved on to the electronics assembly while the software team continued to...

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Kick-off Event Report

Well, we are off to a true Beaver Island start.  Our plan to attend the FRC kick-off event in Boyne City was thwarted by the weather.  But we made the best of it by gathering in our lab to watch the global launch event together and followed that up with a team lunch at the Shamrock.  Now we know what the challenge looks like.  It’ll be fun, but lots of work. The game is played by two teams of three robots on a field with castles at each end and various defenses in between.  Here’s a computer generated picture of the field: The field is a little bit smaller than the basketball court at BICS, but not much.  Our robot will be pretty good sized with a base that is about 30 inches square and a fully extended height of 2 to 3 feet with robotic arms that extend 6 feet of more.  Our season began on January 9 and we are excited to get started with the design and build of our robot. If you are interested in the game, have a look a the FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff Broadcast or the game...

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