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Information on Our Upcoming Competitions

The BICS bIrobot team heads for competitions in Standish from March 3rd to 6th (returning to the island on the morning of the 7th) and in Marysville from March 24th to 26th (returning to the island on the afternoon of the 27th).  More information about the Standish  event (including hotel information) is here.  More information about the Marysville event (including hotel information) is here.  Fans from the island and across are welcome to attend.  FRC events feel like attending a high school sports event with cheering fans, banners, cheerleaders, concessions and music.  They are fun for all ages.  Please join us on the road if you...

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We bagged a robot (a Beaver Island FIRST)!

Our FRC robot is in the bag. We finished testing last night at about 11:15 and sealed the robot up in accordance with the FRC rules.  We can work on a subset of the parts and some programming between now and our first competition on March 3-5, but the biggest push is over–and we’ve survived our first FRC “build season.”  Photos to...

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A Day in the Garage

Some team members spent Sunday the 7th working on fabricating our custom capture and scoring arm.  Mr. Anderson showed the team how to weld aluminum as part of fabricating the part.  Another part of the team was working with Mr. Roberts in his shop to finish construction of the sample defenses and scoring bar....

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Our Logo

  We’re sure you’re wondering about our logo.  You may wonder about the number in the version we use for our team shirts.  In FRC-land you live by your team number, so it is included.  While our nickname is bIrobot, we’ll be known in the FRC world as Team 6098.  So, that’s why the number.  (If you are wondering what’s behind our nickname, have a look at this post.) We wanted our logo to look “robotty,” so we looked at fonts used in movies that included robots.  Wall-E was on the list, so we picked a base font that looked Wall-E-ish.  The “I” didn’t look good, though, and we wanted to emphasize the I Robot element of our name, so we used a Battle Star Gallactica I for that.  (“Gallatica Actual, over.”)  And, we couldn’t leave Star Trek out.  So our team number is in a font used for the registration number of the Enterprise.  Finally, Erin’s mom thought we should have a code of some sort in our logo, so we included a QR code.  If you scan it on our shirts, it might take you someplace interesting on the web.    ...

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Software Problem Solved! Hopefully.

It looks like Mr. Doig has solved our software problem.  Turns out the UEFI setting on our laptop was causing all the trouble we were having with getting the FRC image to load.  Tomorrow we will test the (finally) configured drive computer with the robot. Earlier today, the team spent an hour mapping out the basic design plan for the features we will add  to the robot base so we can breach defenses and attack the other side’s...

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Upcoming Events

4:00 pm FIM District West Michigan Event @ Grand Valley State University
FIM District West Michigan Event @ Grand Valley State University
Mar 22 @ 4:00 pm – Mar 24 @ 1:44 am
FIM District West Michigan Event @ Grand Valley State University | Allendale Charter Township | Michigan | United States
Our first District Event for the 2018 Season is at Grand Valley State University.  We have tentatively selected the Sleep Inn in Allendale as our base hotel. Rooms will fill up quickly there, so if[...]
4:00 pm FIM District Marysville Event @ Marysville High School
FIM District Marysville Event @ Marysville High School
Apr 5 @ 4:00 pm – Apr 7 @ 5:00 pm
FIM District Marysville Event @ Marysville High School | Marysville | Michigan | United States
We’ll return to Marysville High School for our second District Event of the 2018 Season.  We enjoyed competing there during our rookie year and look forward to seeing some of the teams there that helped[...]

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