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To the State Championship?

Our prospects for making it into the Michigan FRC Championship still look reasonably good.  After this past weekend’s district events we remain well within the top 10% of competing teams.  So, hop online and order your team shirt so it will be ready to wear if we make it (and to support the program going forward no matter what).  You can shop for shirts at  Want to wear your shirt to the championships and cheer us on?  You can do that, too.  Full event info (including hotel information) is right...

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Go for launch…Spring Storm Notwithstanding

A spring snow storm won’t be stopping the bIrobot team.  Our robot is tuned up and we are ready to travel to Marysville a day early to beat a storm that might otherwise trap us on the island.  You can keep up to date with our progress with our twitter feed (conveniently replicated to the right) and by signing up for our SMS feed.  And, if you’ve not snapped up your bIrobot t-shirt yet, how about heading on over to the bIrobot Shop to get one now. Thanks for you support and for following us on...

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Holy T-shirt, Batman!

Our bIrobot Shop is up and running.  You can use it to get the fashion item for spring 2016, which is our famous bIrobot T-shirt with a custom, working, scanable QR code that takes you to a secret place on our website.  Like we said in the title, “Holy T-shirt, Batman!” Get yours today and support the bIrobot Team....

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Our Team T-shirts Are In. Real In.

All the cool kids will be wearing them.  They feature our nickname, team logo and a QR code that takes you to an Easter Egg on our website.  Best of all, you can buy your very own on the web store we added to our website as part of Microsoft’s Imagine This Student Developer’s Contest.  ...

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