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bIrobot Participates in Independence Day Parade

After watching other robots use pneumatics to pick up gears in the Steamworks game we decided we needed to figure that out, and our parade robot presented the perfect opportunity.  We used pneumatics to dispense water bottles from each side of our robot.  We also used a deer feeder/salt spreader/seed dispenser type mechanism to toss out candy to parade goers (which is a tradition for parades on Beaver Island).  Everything worked well (after we dialed back the speed on the candy dispenser from “crush” to “spread gently” and the power on the bottle dispenser from “we’re shooting for the moon” to...

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Goodbye to Sun

Our friend and teammate from Thailand left the island today.  We were all excited for him because he was going home to see his family for the first time in more than 9 months, but we were also sad to see him go.  We all signed a Steamworks fuel ball and gave it to him as a memento of our great time together.  Fair winds and following seas, Sun, until we meet...

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Join the bIrobot Team as a sponsor

As we get into building our robot we also need to get into raising money to support our team.  We are funded through the Beaver Island Community School, so donations are tax deductible for most donors. We have four sponsorship levels: Level 1 $50-$99 (you receive our gratitude and recognition on our website and in our promo materials) Level 2 $100-$299 (you receive all the items listed above plus your logo on the team t-shirt) Level 3 $300-$499 (you receive all the items listed above plus a team t-shirt and your logo on the robot (if you provide us with a sticker)) Level 4 $500+ (you receive all the items listed above plus you will be announced as a primary sponsor at competitions* and receive a personalized recognition video posted on the bIrobot website and social medias) Please help us maintain a robotics team at BICS.  We’ve gotten lots of off-island help to get our team started, but we need local support to keep it going.  You can make a donation by sending a check made payable to Beaver Island Community School with bIrobot Robotics Team on the memo line. Please send the check to Beaver Island Community School Robotics Team, 37895 King’s Highway Beaver Island, MI 49782. We thank you for your support of the BICS bIrobot Team (FRC Team 6089). *Announcements subject to...

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We are steaming up a NEW FRC Season at bIrobot

Last year’s robot is out of the storage room and we are getting ready for the kick-off event on January 7th.  Because the bulk of our team is also plays on the BICS basketball squad and they have a game in Kinross in the UP the morning of kick-off, we’ll be attending the Kick-off Event at Lake Superior State University.  There we’ll learn the details for this year’s event.  And this year, we’ll have a little bit better idea of what’s going on.  We already know the theme for this year is Steamworks (which is why we are steamed...

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Upcoming Events

10:00 am 2018 Season Kick-off @ Beaver Island Community School Media Lab
2018 Season Kick-off @ Beaver Island Community School Media Lab
Jan 6 @ 10:00 am
2018 Season Kick-off @ Beaver Island Community School Media Lab
Ah.  The day the bIrobot teams waits for all year.  The start of build season.  No sleeping until February 20 at 11:59 p.m.  If you want to join in the announcement you can check with[...]

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