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BIROBOT Thanks All Our Sponsors

Team 6098 BIROBOT, from the Beaver Island Community School, graciously wants to thank each and every person that has donated to our team this year. Erin, Kai, Simeon, Jared and Gage have all been overwhelmed by this outpouring of support for their team. They have worked hard throughout the school year and have learned lessons that will last a lifetime. Knowing all the people from the community, businesses and people from other areas, that have stepped forward to help them in this endeavor, is truly inspiring. Thank you one and all. Some donors have asked to remain anonymous and we respect that and thank them sincerely. Here is a list of our platinum sponsors, to date. Kenneth Taylor Barbara Reynolds – Lighten the Load Tune Genie – Jeffrey Specter Ray Cole Dr Jeff Powers – Powers Hardware Charlevoix County Community Foundation John Robert – Roberts John Service Mary Rose Birch – Stratego Partners When the season is complete we will publish a complete list of all donors that don’t want to be anonymous. There may be more who have sent donations that are in transit and will be recognized when received. So whether you have bought a t-shirt, or contributed sums upwards of that, each and every donation has enabled these students to reach a goal that has humbled them and those who support them. Thank you ever so...

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New Platinum Sponsors Stratego Partners

We would like to thank another platinum sponsor of BIROBOT. Stratego Partners works side-by-side with C-level executives, Stratego Partners applies well-known and respected techniques to identify concrete profit improvement opportunities that increase their client’s bottom line. Their breadth of experience and knowledge transcends many areas of financial, administrative and corporate level costs as well as many industries. Thank you Stratego Partners Mary Rose Birch and Steven L. Brown for your support of...

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