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End of Build Season Reflection

[image: Inline image 1] The bIrobot is bagged and tagged, and build season has come to an end. We have made it through another build season and have learned more lessons of what do to again next season and what doesn’t work. We learned that we need to make a timeline of what should roughly be happening during each week of build season because during the last few days of build season we were very crunched for time and didn’t get as much time as we would have liked for testing and cushioning time to rebuild if necessary. This...

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Many Mechanisms of a Robot

FRC build season time is ticking and our robot is starting to come together. We have our frame successfully assembled, the mecanum drive working properly and all of our mechanisms mostly built. We have a unique intake system made up of three customized shop brushes which rotate on axles pulling the ball up and into a bin. We have tested our intake many times and it gives us incredible speeds which upon the first test delighted us all. The first time we tested the intake on our robot frame using a twelve volt battery it went at such a...

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My Goals for the 2017 FRC Season

​ 2017 FRC season is now here and I am so excited for what’s in store. I am looking forward to expanding my FRC robotics knowledge now that I have one year of experience. Some of my goals for this season are to learn more about the mechanical and programming sides of building a robot, to develop a good plan for strategizing with alliance members before matches and to learn as much as I possibly can. Before last year I had limited experience working with tools and wiring so this year I want to continue to further expand my...

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2-12-16 Update

Hello bIrobot enthusiasts, We made good progress today. Kai used his programming skills to make it so you could control the speed of the arm by having another slower layer of speed by pressing a button which is very helpful considering our arm moves dangerously fast. Meanwhile, I was working on the website, adding more pictures, and learning the ways of WordPress. We also got a second motor programmed and working which will be helpful for our design. Anyways until next time! bIrobot Team Member...

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2-11-16 Update

Hello bIrobot enthusiasts, Today was an exciting day we got our arm working! Yay! Simeon and Kai figured out how to incorporate it into our program. They found a picture which even though it was pretty blurry helped them a lot in trying to figure out the button code numbers for the Xbox controller in LabView. This was helpful because if they hadn’t found it they would have had to test each button number in order to essentially form their own chart just like it. Yay for the internet! The picture that they used is below. Until next time! bIrobot Team Member Erin...

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Upcoming Events

4:00 pm FIM District West Michigan Event @ Grand Valley State University
FIM District West Michigan Event @ Grand Valley State University
Mar 22 @ 4:00 pm – Mar 24 @ 1:44 am
FIM District West Michigan Event @ Grand Valley State University | Allendale Charter Township | Michigan | United States
Our first District Event for the 2018 Season is at Grand Valley State University.  We have tentatively selected the Sleep Inn in Allendale as our base hotel. Rooms will fill up quickly there, so if[...]
4:00 pm FIM District Marysville Event @ Marysville High School
FIM District Marysville Event @ Marysville High School
Apr 5 @ 4:00 pm – Apr 7 @ 5:00 pm
FIM District Marysville Event @ Marysville High School | Marysville | Michigan | United States
We’ll return to Marysville High School for our second District Event of the 2018 Season.  We enjoyed competing there during our rookie year and look forward to seeing some of the teams there that helped[...]

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